Hi, I'm Martin a computer science educator and software developer


Duncan Maidens - "His versatility in applying his skills to both technical detail and the creation of learning resources is second to none."

Ross Exton - "Martin is always ready to provide hands-on help, technical expertise, and enthusiastic motivation to colleagues across multiple teams.

Dan Fisher - "Martin is a proven multi-tasker, that man can stand in a queue in Primark to pay while simultaneously ordering a wedding gift from Argos. Incredible prioritisation."

Carrie Anne Philbin - "Martin demonstrated a commitment to computer science education, leveraging his deep knowledge of software development to design and develop innovative, engaging, and effective learning resources for teachers worldwide."

Online Learning & Video Production

What is Programming?

A conceptual introduction to programming from the online course Programming 101: an introduction to Python

Python and indentation

Exploring the importance of indentation in Python, looking at why it matters, practical tips for using indentation and some of the challenges new Python programming might experience.

How protocols work: examining FTP

Investigating how protocols work by taking an indepth look at FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Introduction to Neo4j

A grounds up Introduction to Neo4j live stream. I introduce core graph concepts and explore a graph database using Cypher

GraphAcademy Live - Importing CSV data into Neo4j

A virtual class where we learn how to import CSV data into Neo4j.


Create Graphical User Interfaces with Python

Create Graphical User Interfaces with Python is a book suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced Python programmers who want to explore graphical user interfaces (GUIs)

Adventures in Minecraft

Adventures in Minecraft is a book to help young people learn how to program by creating mods for Minecraft in Python

Mod Minecraft Pi

Mod Minecraft Pi - I was a significant contributor to this Raspberry Pi Press book about modding Minecraft.

"as well as plenty of brand new tutorials created by the Minecraft Pi Mastermind himself, Martin O'Hanlon. You may have heard of him – he helped get the SpaceCRAFT code working that was run on the International Space Station by Tim Peake!"


Going Straight with PID

Going Straight with PID (Hackspace, issue 1)  is a tutorial on how to implement a PID controller in Python to make a robot drive in a straight line.

Pixel Art Unplugged

The Pixel Art Unplugged (HelloWorld, issue 9) lesson plan shows how creating pixel art with pens and paper can help students learn about how digital images are created and stored.

Exploring Logic Gates in Minecraft

Exploring Logic Gates in Minecraft (The Big Book of Computing Content) explore  how you can introduce logic gates to students by creating circuits in Minecraft.

Learning Neo4j Your Way

In Learning Neo4j Your Way I share my experience on how I structured my learning using Neo4j’s developer relations output and educational content.

Software Development

Blue Dot

Blue Dot allows you to control your Raspberry Pi projects wirelessly - it’s a Bluetooth remote and zero boiler plate (super simple to use :) Python library.


guizero is a Python library for creating simple GUIs.

It is designed to allow new learners to quickly and easily create GUIs for their programs.

Open source contributions

I am passionate about open source software development, you can find my repositories and contributions at github/martinohanlon